I cannot select the correct city under My Profile. Why?

If you\’re unable to select your city in the dropdown menu under the word CITY in your profile, please try the following

1) Please select the STATE first, as the list of cities is pre-populated based upon the state your select

2) After doing that, please try to select your CITY

3) If the above does not work, please try submitting this information using a different browser. As a reminder, our new website only supports recent versions of various browsers, as older versions were found to be insecure (and not protect your personal information). Therefore, we encourage you to try using Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or IE 7 or higher.

4) If you\’ve tried points 1, 2 and 3 and are still unable to successful update your city, please email us at support@fgglobal.com with your State, City, and phone number. We will then go ahead and manually update this information. Please note: We may be required to change your password temporarily to login to your account. Therefore, we encourage you to try all of the above steps prior to having us actually have to go into your account manually to update the settings.

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